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. my guest tonight, mitch daniels. he is the current governor of indiana and the guy that every other republican says, "man, i wish that guy was running for president." [laughter] but at least maybe vice president. but let's start in washington. they enjoy that. monday morning president obama took to the white house rose garden, where appearing in front of the very doorknobs that might be hitting him in the ass next november, he talked death and taxes. >> today i'm laying out a set of specific proposals to finish what we started this summer. >> jon: you mean fort awesome? [laughter] treehouse i was bidding on the white house lawn. >> it's a plan that reduces our debt by more than $4 trillion and achieves these savings in a way that's fair. >> jon: what we'll do is one at a time excuse ourselves to go to the bathroom. then we will climb out of the window and into canada. [laughter] seriously, what's the plan? >> it comes down to this: we have to prioritize. either we ask the wealthiest americans to pay their fair share in taxes, or we have to ask seniors to pay more for medicare. we ca
but surgery. >> that was indiana governor mitch daniels at this action conference. he's a man of strong views on the american economy. he joins me now. thank you for joining me. keeping the republic by trusting americans. america's best governor it says in the new york times. >> i don't know what made him say that. >> how are you going to keep the republic? >> i hope we're going to do it by first of all placing the future ahead of the present which is to say matching long-term means with ends. we're badly out of whack as we all know. huge debts today. like so many other developed countries. and worse still we've made unfundable commitments for tomorrow. the growth of the private sector. what's troubling me most, piers, is that it's not just our economy at stake. i think it's the whole american prospect, the american promise of upward mobility for all. and i go so far as to suggest really the whole project of governor of the governed here is on trial here. as philosophered predicting it would be. >> you're the knife and the blade when you worked for president bush. but this is a guy that broug
in the 50's. you can see where the frontal system is located. cold front in lower michigan and indiana and it's on its way. it will stall across the area and loses its punch. we will have scattered showers in the forecast not only for tomorrow, there's heavy rains tomorrow and a 40% tens of showers on saturday. there's moister pushing in from the south. heavy showers arriving tonight. we could see two inches by the time the system clears away by saturday. the national weather service flash flood watch issued tomorrow morning through tomorrow afternoon. we could see 3 inches of rain locally. the next 48 hours of shows all the moisture and moving north and east. the bands of yellow and dante green, that is the heaviest rain. that's putting the 99 corridor for tomorrow. that's the same area that saw heavy rain a couple weeks ago with the remnants of tropical storm the. 80 degrees today with scattered showers. becoming more widespread tonight. 64-70 tonight. scattered showers and and this comes tomorrow with heavy rain at times, high temperatures in the mid 70's. clearing out and drying ou
39,000 jobs in california, delaware, illinois, indiana, kentucky, ohio, michigan, missri, and tennessee. some have suggested that this program has been slow to spend emergency funding provided in the f.y. 2009 c.r. i say the loan review process is and ought to be strenuous. one company, tesla, originally applied under a different loan program in 2006 and received an atvm loan in 2010. it requires four years of due diligence to review to qualify for the loan and having read many of the press releases that went out when there was another d.o.e. program that was not -- that had ran into difficulties, i didn't note anybody there saying we shouldn't take time for due diligence. due diligence is required. by the way, the company in questi, tess la, employed -- tesla, employed about 400 workers before reiving the loan. today they have 1,400 employees in the fields of engineering, research and development, design, manufacturing, assembly, maintenance, service, sales, and support. the atvm program has an additional 18 loan applications in progress that are projected to create 50,0
. thank you very much. alligator skins, travel masks, human skulls? sounds like a sequel to indiana jones. but no, just a few items up for sale at one of the most electic stores in san francisco. >> bob redel takes us window shopping. >> it's about 2 feet long. >> what was probably the world's largest anaconda ever captured at the time. >> after 15 years of traveling to some of the most far away places in the world. >> nagaland. >> to collect all of this tribal art. >> going into nagaland is not something most people can do. it's a danger zone. >> but you can because you blend in. >> robert has decided to put a final nail in the coffin. >> its a heartbreaker. >> shutting down the dreaming room, his shop in san francisco, all 2,000 pieces, some one-of-a-kind. >> actually, whoops, sorry. >> most now at half price. >> yeah, this is probably $100. >> like these 5,000-year-old bracelets from thailand. >> among the wolde over the bronze work on the entire planet. >> does it come with the wrist? >> here's the pygmy walking stick. >> and this is a bone from a walrus which is the private part of a
indiana is waiting here. but just a few minutes to speak to it, if i may. the senator from texas has introduced an amendment that really takes an unprecedented step here in the senate, and that is the step of actually requiring the president by mandate with respect to one weapons system, one singular amendment to sell a specific weapon to another country. specifically, the senator wants to take the unprecedented step of requiring the president of the united states to sell 66 new f-16 fighter aircraft to taiwan. now, the amendment mandates the sale of these new aircraft despite the fact that just yesterday, the president and the administration notified the congress of their intention to provide taiwan with nearly nearly $6 billion additional in goods and services on top of money that they have already provided to taiwan, including, mr. president, upgrades to taiwan's current fleet of 145 f-16's. now, i will stand by my record of 26-plus years here of voting for the appropriate defense relationship with respect to taiwan and china, and we have always respected the taiwan relations act,
h caused destruction in states like texas and kentucky, tennessee and indiana. and it's what we have to do again. the house republicans failed tod provide funding. farmers, economic development, long-term support for local communities to rebuild. that's what you do when you havo a crisis or an accident. and there can't be any debate about the help that's required in many all 50 states.up it requires bipartisan support because you can't get it doneth with only one party.. every state has experienced the disaster in recent years, and this year alone federal disasters have been declared in 48 states. fema's working in every one of those states to help communities rebuild and recover.and if they have the resources. if they don't, they won't be on the job. and people will continue tothe suffer.eopl so if house republicans get t their way, every state is on the verge of disaster. incredibly, the house proposale pays for disaster relief by taking money from advanced technological development that'll help our automobile industry, for instance, and create jobs. job here in the senate we've go
that could be bound for your dinner table. we're on patrol with the indiana state police. >> we'll pull over this truck right over here. >> yes. >> reporter: no radar gun. instead, sergeant rich kelly is armed with a food thermometer. checking delivery trucks for unsafe temperatures that can turn the food bad before it even hits store shelves. >> all air hauling today is dry goods, rice? >> reporter: but when police climb into this truck, a surprise. fish products. >> this is to be refrigerated. it's 60 degrees right now. i wouldn't consider that refrigerated. >> reporter: how could it be? this truck doesn't even have a refrigeration machine. what did you think to yourself when you got a 60-degree reading on that refrigerated food? >> not good. somebody is going to end up eating it if we don't get it stopped and checked. >> reporter: the trucking company declined to comment and that was just our first stop. how big is this problem? >> i would say it's huge. >> reporter: soon we find another hot truck. >> the refrigerator unit is not working. >> reporter: carrying raw chicken wings, sausages,
that throughout the region. a major bridge that connects kentucky and indiana closed down for safety reasons. another aging bridge that crosses over the river. it could be replaced right now. there rail stations in cleveland and toledo in desperate need of repair. the same is true in cities across america. it makes your commute longer. it costs our businesses billions of dollars. they could be moving products faster if they had better transportation routes. in some cases it's not safe. we used to have the best infrastructure in the world here in america. we are the country that built the intercontinental reporter. the interstate highway system. we built the hoover dam and the grand central station. how can we sit back and let china build the best railroads. let europe build the best highways and have singapore build a nicer airport? at a time when we have millions of unemployed construction workers out there just ready to get on the job and ready to do the work. rebuilding america. >> this bill was not that complicated. it's a bill that would put people back to work rebuilding america. repai
. accusations of child abuse at a fundamentalist school in indiana. >> he would call you to the front, they would pull the chair out. you bend over, grab the chair. he tells you look at that lunch pail and he would pull the paddle up. he was so tall it practically touched the ceiling. and he would swing it really hard, hard enough for you to move forward. he moved the whole chair forward. >> this is in front of the whole class? >> yes. >> also, dramatic testimony in the sea world hearing in orlando. the spotter for the trainer who drowned, was drowned by that killer whale, tilikum, said he saw dawn try to remove her ponytail from the whale's mouth. those stories at the top of the hour. >> thanks, anderson. we will be watching. >>> tonight we are also revealing our top ten cnn heroes of 2011. each of these ten will receive $50,000 and a shot at the top honor. cnn hero of the year will earn one of them an additional $250,000. viewers get to decide who that person will be and anderson will show you how. >> now that we have announced the top ten cnn heroes of 2011, i want to show you how
% of the democrats think it's fair. indiana -dz 35% think it's fair. the majority say no it isn't. >> when governor perry made his statements about it being a ponzi scream it created a firestorm. megyn: the majority of the republicans are with it. >> that's correct. now, were he to win the nomination and go to the general election, then among the overall electorate it might be more of a problem. perry they indicate wants to fix social security not end it. that may not be the problem for him that some thought earlier. megyn: mitt romney is out on a campaign trying to convince the american public that rick perry doesn't want to fix it. i don't think it's resonating with voters, i think they think wabts to fix it. peter brown, thank you so much. very interesting. again, folks news and google are partnering to host tonight's republican to bee date from orlando, florida. bret baiemany, many of our viewers submitting questions for the candidates. we will have those questions as well tonight. you in essence will be the fourth panel lis on our debate panel. you can catch it all tonight, 9:00 eastern, right
. ohio, indiana, illinois or michigan, that will determine where the moisture is. but the wide picture does indicate that we are spotty showers and down pours this afternoon. then as we go into tonight, another wave of rain. we're pushing heavier rain through the day to. fall arrives at 5:04. the rain will be falling into the afternoon and likely to have a burst of rain in saturday as well. the main line of moisture could line up off of the coast. a shift in the pattern could bring it onshore. we have to keep the threat of heavy rain into the weekend. 79 to. our 2 day -- degree. you can catch more on-line at www.abc2news.com.
from washington, indiana. caller: good morning. mr. kucinich, i wish i lived in a district where i could vote for you. i agree with almost everything you stand for and what you do. guest: thank you. caller: i will tell you, the fact that we don't have the pipeline for natural gas along our interstate systems, it burns me up. we and the united states has no energy policy. i do not know what we have been doing since the first arab embargo back in the 1970's. i sat in line for hours and we're still doing that. it is like nobody is home. i wish you had more ability to do things and get things straightened out. host: what can you do? guest: we need an american energy policy and we need to invest in the transition and our economy away from resources that would ruin the environment. decorates a cost on individuals in terms of their own personal health. the air that we breathe it gets polluted by certain energy sources. we need a new manufacturing policy. we need a new trade policy where we cancel -- we cancel all of our trade agreements. they are contingent on workers' rights, on cuban ri
is worth it. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from indiana rise? >> to address the house for one minute and revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the gentleman is recognized. >> the american people want to be in the business of job creation an growth. unfortunately, washington is in the business of regulating, spending, and taxing. this administration has barreled down the road of deficits and mandates. we all know where that road leads, right off a cliff. job creators know our $14.6 trillion debt is a tax on the american taxpayer. they know that higher taxes mean fewer jobs and they know that focusing on compliance rather than innovation is a failing business model. mr. stutzman: in the face of these difficult times, americans are optimistic. not even the worst unemployment since the great depression can kill the american spirit. washington can give job creators confidence by living within its means and reining in spending. americans are ready for real growth not another failed stimulus. let's pass a balanced budget amendment
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)

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